The rehabilitation sets of MOOVIE

Technical description

The MOOVIE developmental and rehabilitation toy consists of two sets of blocks: 

  • a large MOOVIE23 
  • a small MOOVIE15. 

When folded, they form the shape of a cylinder with the following dimensions: 

  • the first set (23-element) Ø1080 mm, height 480 mm,
  • the second set (15-element) Ø900 mm, height 300 mm.

Both sets can be connected in the same way as a jigsaw and this enables children to build various structures, which can help improve their motor skills, spatial planning and awareness and hand-eye coordination.

Assembling the jigsaw system is intuitive and gives a sense of satisfaction. The uniform colour helps children to calm down and focus on exercise and when both sets are used together it

opens up a world of possibilities for more children as it can then be used by larger groups.


MOOVIE: the rehabilitation sets:

  • a modular structure – elements are easy to connect and disconnect
  • a minimum dimensions when folded and a maximum variety of games and exercises when unfolded
  • a minimum amount of colour stimuli and easy to clean
  • resistant to atmospheric conditions and negative UV light
  • made of durable, certified materials (closed cell polyethene foam WU 45 XPE)
  • the products meet the requirements of a medical device
  • CE declaration available
  • Registered utility model: nr W.124682

The products meet the Oeko-TEX Standard 100, Product class 1.

MOOVIE for children

The MOOVIE has been designed to support children with changes in the functioning of the central nervous system. It is intended for use in occupational therapy sessions by children with sensory motor disorders as early rehabilitation and intervention in the form of targeted play can really make a difference.

MOOVIE with children

The MOOVIE rehabilitation toy is designed to provide general development support for children, including:

  • improving fine and gross motor skills
  • strengthening the nervous system through movement
  • developing and maintaining good balance, posture and spatial cognition
  • developing motor-auditory-visual perception
  • peer group integration

MOOVIE for facilities

The large MOOVIE set can be used in spacious rooms such as a gym, nursery rehabilitation room, hospital, school common room or playroom. The small set is designed for smaller rooms such as an apartment, a small rehabilitation room or a common room in a children’s hospital. Both sets can also be used in an outdoor environment. 

List of all MOOVIE elements