Sets of blocks and exercises for playing and rehabilitation of children with gross motor disorders.



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moovie blocks - about us

My name is Ewa Bujak, I wrote my PhD thesis the at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, at the Faculty of Industrial Forms. I am a designer and manufacturer of Moovie blocks, and above all – Sophie’s mother. When Sophie was three years old, she was diagnosed with severe sensory processing disorder with autistic behaviour. Together with my husband, a graduate and an experienced physical education teacher, we decided to help our daughter by combining our professional experiences.

We designed and tested blocks together with Sophie, we invented exercises that were supposed to help our child feel her body again. At the age of four, our daughter was unresponsive to external stimuli, apathetic, nonverbal, did not respond to her own name and had problems withmobility.

After years of exercises, tests and playing with our blocks, Sophie speaks, moves efficiently, swims and does great in a group, and we decided to share our experiences and help other parents, doctors, physiotherapists, and above all, children.

This is how we created Moovie. I invite you to get to know Moovie – a set of blocks and exercises for playing and rehabilitating children with gross motor disorders.

moovie rehabilitation blocks for kids


The MOOVIE developmental and rehabilitation toy consists of two sets of blocks:

  • a large MOOVIE23,
  • a small MOOVIE15.

When folded, they form the shape of a cylinder with the following dimensions:

  • the first set (23-element) Ø1080 mm, height 480 mm,
  • the second set (15-element) Ø900 mm, height 300 mm.

Both sets can be connected in the same way as a jigsaw and this enables children to build various structures, which can help improve their motor skills, spatial planning and awareness and hand eye coordination.


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