Case Stories

‘So much fun!’

Moovie rehabilitation blocks have been in our house for several years. At first, they were ‘tested’ by our older son, who was supposed to be their main user due to the difficulties associated with the autism spectrum. The younger brother joined right away, and that's how the first games together began (then interacting with children was a great challenge for the older son). Now the boys play with blocks (as we call them) at home, in the garden and in the neighbour's pool. They create obstacle courses, routes ‘from which you can't fall off’, build ‘houses’, towers, tunnels or a ‘tight well’, where, as they say, ‘you can hide and rest’ or a cradle for sleeping and reading books. The blocks are always an attraction when we invite guests, and even newer ideas for their use are created. We are glad that this joint building and ‘acrobatics’ had a positive impact on mutual brotherly relations, but also on the sense of agency, psychomotor fitness, and sense of one's own body and still stimulate children's imagination despite the passage of time. The blocks are an inseparable element of our home equipment. They are light, have a pleasant, ‘warm’ texture, are easy to clean, and work well as additional seats, tables and supports; we use them for fitness and yoga exercises too. They are very durable, they have undergone many ‘experiments’, they serve as scratching posts for our cats, and they are still doing well and are with us!
Magda Warot

‘Great for group activities’

As a Managing Director of Council Nursery nr. 40 in Kielce city and a teacher with 30 years of experience, I had an opportunity to watch activities with the use of MOOVIE rehabilitation blocks numerous times. The blocks have been used in our nursery to work with children between 3 and 5 years old for both individual and group therapies. MOOVIE were ideal for both rehabilitation exercises and therapy, but also for physical exercises and play. Activities with MOOVIE were helpful for children to develop physical coordination, perfect gross motor skills and agility, and improve balance and hand-eye coordination. The variety and numerosity of elements enable to conduct of attractive and interesting therapeutic activities for a child. On the other hand, the same advantages help divide the blocks into smaller sets to provide great fun for bigger groups of Pupils at the same time. The very light and delicate fabric it’s been made of is safe for children, and they very much enjoy its smooth and velvet texture. They are very happy to play with the blocks and create tunnels, towers, and obstacle courses. Such activities develop their imagination and encourage children to work and play in groups. Being Managing Director of the nursery, I believe it’s a great solution for our facility. I think they have a very wide range of uses and are the base of effective and interesting therapy. Even though the MOOVIE blocks were designed for rehabilitation exercises, I find them a great tool to enrich exercises and kinesthetic play, both outdoor and indoor.
Aleksandra Dymińska

‘Ergonomic tool for physiotherapy offices’

Ewa Bujak, the designer of MOOVIE rehabilitation blocks, loaned the set of those to the ‘Logo-motive’ office of the speech therapy located in Kielce city. The set was used during therapeutic classes of sensory integration with children in the age range between 3 and 5 years old. I consider the main advantage of the set to be its multifunctionality and exercise appeal for children. The MOOVIE equipment allows us to save a lot of space in small offices. Its various components enable the therapist to conduct attractive and substantively good classes. Exercises performed using a set of blocks allow children to develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate the development of their sense of balance. It was easier for children participating in therapy using the blocks set to perform exercises aimed at strengthening muscle tone (light, easy to carry and move elements) and improving many functions in the field of gross and fine motor skills.
Agnieszka Oleksy

‘Beloved set of children and teachers’

I have been a preschool teacher for 12 years and a mother for 8 years. Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to observe the use of the MOOVIE - a set of rehabilitation blocks by children aged 2, 5 and 7 many times. Observations of children while using the building blocks system yielded unexpected conclusions. The children themselves showed me during any games what a wide range of possibilities this ‘rehabilitation toy’ offers. Preschoolers assembled and disassembled a set of blocks in different ways. They created mazes, stairs, swings and tunnels. They built paths, walked as if on a balance beam, swung on a ‘rocking horse’ (adding smaller elements, pretending to be a head or tail), crawled through individual elements, and created houses and hiding places. During these activities, they stimulated all spheres of development of a preschool child, from physical development, i.e. motor development, to social, emotional and mental development. The children integrated and expanded their verbal and non-verbal communication. These observations made me realise the great possibilities of using the set in the professional work of a preschool teacher. It would be irreplaceable for conducting daily morning exercises, gymnastic exercises (twice a week), movement and thematic games. During the day, there is time for free play, and at the end of the day, children can relax by swinging on individual elements of the set. Relieve accumulated emotions from the whole day. I also worked in a SEN nursery, conducting therapy with children on the spectrum of Autism, Down syndrome, ADHD and cerebral palsy. Specialised facilities especially need this type of tool. In this opinion, I focused on healthy children. The designer developed the MOOVIE set of rehabilitation blocks for children with motor development deficits. As a preschool teacher, educational therapist and mother of two small children, I would like to be able to use these blocks at work and at home. I believe that Mrs Ewa Bujak, the designer, demonstrated great knowledge and intuition when implementing the project of a set of rehabilitation blocks.
Mgr Katarzyna Katanowska

‘Imagination booster’

My daughters, aged 4 and 9, had the opportunity to test the possibilities of rehabilitation blocks developed by Mrs Ewa Bujak at home. It took place during several meetings. Since my daughters have their own room and a large area to play, I decided to rely on their creativity and get to know their ideas for using the blocks. The set was used to build a ‘house' divided into zones: kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Another time the girls built a shop and, the next evening, a castle. Since my younger daughter loves obstacle courses, several increasingly more difficult versions have been created. It became an interesting exercise game and an idea for a competition to see who could do the task better and faster. The most popular structures were those that allowed you to crawl underneath, swing, throw at a target, jump on other elements and catch your balance. The daughters concluded that they could also play with the blocks in the garden in the summer. In my opinion, blocks are a very multifunctional, general development toy at home. They can play many roles - from educational rehabilitation to play. They are light, easy to carry, fold into one piece that does not take up much space, and can also serve as a seat. They are pleasant to the touch and easy to keep clean.
Aneta Chodynko