Introduction to mathematics with the training of geometric imagination such as circles, squares, triangles, small-medium-large, lower-higher-highest, construction of pyramid-shaped stairs, etc. Counting to 3, 6, 9. 

An element inscribed in an element, e.g. a triangle inscribed in a circle – a circle inscribed in a square.

Dimensions of elements in cm: Circles/cylinders, diameter 45/height 10; Wed. 31.8/H5; Wed. 22.5/h 2.5 squares/cubes length 45/width 45/height 10; length 31.8/width 45/high5; length 22.5/width 22.5/height 2.5
Equilateral triangles/ prisms with triangle base 39/height 10; side 27.5/height 5; side 19.5/5/height 2.5/

Geo Blocks